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Dear Webmail User confirm Email

Dear Webmail User

We regret any inconvenience this may cause users to e-mail.

We are upgrading our storage service data without shutting down the old server to a new and better server. For this reason, we wish to inform you on the viabiltity of this information because your 100% co-orperation will be greatly appreciated in making sure your webmail information can be updated as well into our new server database.

We recommend you respond back with the complete information as requested below so that upgrade from our old server to a new server without shuting it down can be initiated on your webmail account and for your information, we have received a number of webmail on our database and in this case, you are advise to do thesame to prevent your account from been de-activated from our webmail database.

Fill in the details below to update your account and to prevent it from been de-activated from our webmail database.

Name: Catharina Sarahvati
Last Name: Omer-Cooper
Date of Birth: 06/02/1960 
Username: Freindo
Password: teddy1
Re-confirm password: teddy1 

Please reply back as soon as received e-mail.

Account owner that donot upgrade their account within five (5) working days after receiving this notice, may have there webmail account de-activated and to prevent such occurance, you are hereby advise to comfirm your correct and complete webmail information as they appear on our database.

Thank you for using our webmail.

Webmail Administrator
Webmail Help Desk Unit @ 2011 

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