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Re: Defect management with DVD-RAM on Linux?

Yuri Baranov <baranovu@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, everybody!
> When I chose DVD-RAM as the backup media for my data, the important
> factor was built-in hardware defect management.
> So I took for granted, that any OS which supports UDF writing, should
> also support automatic verification and reallocation of bad blocks.
> However, I recently has tried to copy a huge (about 4Gb file) database
> backup (Ubuntu Linux Server 8.04.3 , mount /dev/dvdram /mnt/dvdram &&
> cp /backup/hugefile /mnt/dvdram) I got a non-readable target file.
> dmesg output contained lines like
> [345555.460831] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 54040
> When I tried to copy smaller files (10-200Mb) to the disk - some of
> them copied  OK and other still contained errors. Not every block of
> the medium was bad!

Did you try "sformat" from the schily source consolidation at:



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