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Re: What does this error mean ?

Gregoire Favre <gregoire.favre@gmail.com> wrote:

> They are Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16X AZO
> > You did not mention the media state
> Mounted media class:      DVD
> Mounted media type:       DVD-R sequential recording
> Disk Is not erasable
> data type:                standard
> disk status:              incomplete/appendable
> session status:           incomplete/appendable
> BG format status:         none
> first track:              1
> number of sessions:       1
> first track in last sess: 1
> last track in last sess:  1
> Disk Is unrestricted
> Disk type: DVD, HD-DVD or BD
> Track  Sess Type   Start Addr End Addr   Size
> ==============================================
>     1     1 Blank  0          2298495    2298496
> Next writable address:              2211648
> Remaining writable size:            2298496
> But, 99.99% of the time, I got complete success at writing.
> > >From the size info I can guess that this may be a DVD but a 
> > DVD has no PMA.... so I would guess that you have a problem 
> > with your drive.
> Well, here I am lost

You still did not send the ADIP info but the media has been written
to, but it may be that only a writer will read it as it was not closed (fixated).

The latter seems to be a problem of your drive....

Cdrecord did what is documented to write DVD-Rs and this did not change since
cdrecord introduced DVD-R support in March 1998 nearly 11 years ago.


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