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I am writing to Confirm the official owner of this email address.
Are you the owner of this Email address? If yes!
You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of 850,000 British
To claim, Contact the Divisional Managing Director, Parcels and Packets
 of TNT EXPRESS, through the contact below:
Private Contact E-mail:tnt_service43@yahoo.com
Contact Person: Mr. Dempsey Robert William
Telephone Number: + 44 704 570 9700
The AirwayBill Number of your parcel is 37096218. The information below
the Divisional Managing Director, Parcels and Packets:
1. Names
2. Address
3. Zip Code
4. Age
5. Telephone
6. Occupation
7. email address
8. Reference Number: BEP/9420X2/68
9. Airway Bill Number

Yours Truly,
Sir Lowell Nault
For Online Co-ordinator

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