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Contact Centre - Partnership enquiry


I am Alex accounts manager of Skymkglobal. We just opened a new office and 
currently looking for reliable partners that would benefit of our services. 
We successfully run an customer service and reactivation project for a 
company like yours. We are located in Europe, Romania  and we have 5 years 
experience in the contact centre industry.  We provide services like: 

-customer service
-live chat
-email handling
-customer renewal 
-appointment setting 
-soft sales

Did you know that :
75% of all e-shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is actually 
complete. Nine out of 10 shoppers who abandoned their carts did so because 
of a lack of customer service. (Web Merchant, Fall 2003, Cybershopper 

72% of respondents said that customer service is critical in shopping 
satisfaction. Less then one percent of all ecommerce Websites offer live 
customer assistance. (eMarketer, June 2002)?

We can help you turn your prospects into customers, and then your customers 
into advocates. We focus on building a relationship that lasts by using a 
personalized approach that provides the value addition necessary to 
maintain and grow your client base.

If you are interested in knowing more details please reply and I shall send 
this over, are you reachable by telephone to discuss this further?

Awaiting your reply, 


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