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2006 NTDTV Global Chinese New Year Gala in New York City

Title: NTDTV's Chinese New Year Global Gala
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New Tang Dynasty Television proudly brings the breathtaking 2006 Chinese New Year Global Gala to 16 major cities around the world. This year's Gala will feature "Myths & Legends" of the world's oldest civilization as well as the best artistic traditions of all lands.  From fairy dances of ancient China to technical masterpieces of modern America, the 2006 Gala will dazzle the eyes, ears and heart, and leave you and your loved ones with the memory of a lifetime. Do not miss this grand celebration that only comes but once a year! For more information on attending or sponsoring the 2006 Gala, please call (888)260-6221 or visit the official Gala web site to view last year's performance at:  www.gala.ntdtv.com  or

2006 Gala Introduction.


Dates: 1/20 at 8pm |1/21 at 2pm, 8pm Place: Radio City Music Hall

6th Avenue at 50th St.

Buy 4 or more tickets
before Dec 31st,and get
$6 off each ticket!


Tickets Starting at $49

Ticketing Hotline:

(888)260-6221, (888)260-6223
Buy 4 or more tickets
before Dec 31st,and get
$6 off each ticket!
(Promotion valid for purchases of $69 or more.)

The group discount and family package are only available through calling the Gala ticket hotline, but not through Radio City or TicketMaster

New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV - www.ntdtv.com) is the world's largest independent, nonprofit Chinese-language broadcaster established by overseas Chinese. NTDTV began broadcasting to the global Chinese community and everyone interested in China via satellite in North America in February 2002 and extended its 24/7 programming to cover Asia, Europe, and Australia in July 2003. Today NTDTV is accessible to over 200 million viewers worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, NTDTV currently has over 50 reporting teams around the world.

(All 5,000 tickets for 2005 Chinese New Year Gala sold out in NY Madison Square Garden)



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