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Dr Motega Martins.
P.O.Box 13,Sao Tome Islands.
central bank of 

First and foremost, I would like 
to use this opportunity to 
introduce my self to you as Dr.MOTEGA 
the Senior accountant of Central Bank of 
Democratic Republic 
of Sao Tome and Principe and have acquired huge 
amount of money during 
the interception of Power and Leadership of 
President Fradrique De 
Menezes by the Rebel Leader on the 16th of July, 
2003,although the 
Government of President Fradrique De Menezes was 
later restored back 
by the United Nations Peace Keeping Force and 
African Union one week 
after the seized power by the Rebel Leader.

However, I am having 
problem of moving this funds out of the Country 
with my full 
involvement as I have no  right under my capacity to have 
these funds 
transferred out of the country knowing too well that as a 
Servant, I am not entitled to own more than $500,000.00 as my 
funds and above all, the Government of Sao Tome and Principe 
banned all Government Officials from operating a foreign account 
without the approval from the Office of the Prime Minister.

To this 
effect, I am soliciting for your assistance to collaborate with me by 
fronting you as the beneficiary of this funds so as to have this funds 
($10million) moved to your account under your custody.It will interest 
you to know that these funds are genuine and are not drug money. I will 
guide and 
advise you on how to go about this transaction to become a 
reality if 
you are interested to help me out. Prior to your full 
acceptance to 
strike this deal with me, I will personally offer you 
30% of this 

May I have your comments base on my offer and 
if possible 
reply to this email this is my private email address ,
motegamarthins@accountant.com send me your contact telephone number 
us to talk if you so wish over this issue on telephone.


Dr.Motega Marthins

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