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Uncle Sam Wants Your Business

The Department of Defense has a discretionary budget for the Fiscal Year    
2004 of $380 Billion, $15.3 Billion over FY 2003.   
Selling to the Military (DOD) Roadmap   
price: $1900.usually. On SALE NOw for ONLY $1000. including MilBase.    
DOD Roadmap for identifying who is buying what in the DOD.    
*	A compilation of business development information in nine (9) Word doc   
	one for each major DOD function/procurement program   
*	Program mission, function, and organization charts   
*	Over 1500 contacts with names, titles, telephone numbers and emails    
*	Over 250 sales opportunities    
*	The DOD Roadmap is comprised of individual roadmaps for the following    
	major DOD function/procurement programs.    
*	An individual roadmap for a DOD function procurement program is a    
	Microsoft Word document containing the business development info.   
	itself or an active internet link to a web pagecontaining the info.   
Types of information available in each agency-level roadmap are as follows.    
Agency and sub agency organizational information    
Number of employees and agency budgets    
Products/services purchased/list of primary products/services    
Organization chart    
Agency personnel with titles and telephone numbers    
Agency web site    
Descriptive information on growth areas    
Information technology priorities    
Procurement information    
The Milbase product is being sold separately from the DOD Roadmap for $890.   
annually. It is yours with your purchase of the DOD Roadmap for $1000.   
All Military Installations By State, City, and Zip Code     
Call our Sales Representatives for more information: 1-888-661-4094 x8    
Why do business with a military base?    
They tend to purchase from local vendors.    
They tend to buy from small businesses, using credit card and purchase orders.    
They buy everything imaginable. They are like self-sufficient cities filled    
with thousands of military and civilian personnel.    
There is significantly less competition at bases outside the Washington,   
DC metropolitan area.    
You can visit them and make the sale personally (the best way to make a   
federal sale).    
You need to know who is at the base and ideally, what they buy in order   
to make an effective sales call by telephone or in person. Our MilBase    
subscription service provides you with the latest market intelligence    
information for military installations in your geographic area    
(including bases and research labs).    
It covers over 400 installations nationwide and includes the following types    
of information (the information for an individual installation depends on    
Name of installation    
Parent agency    
Main phone number    
Main fax number    
Name of contracting official    
Contracting office telephone number    
Contracting office fax number    
Contracting office email address    
Business opportunities    
Contracting office staff names and contact information    
Organizational chart    
Small business resources    
Vendor information    
The Department of Defense spends more money with private sector vendors than any    
Federal Agency, by far. Call these Military Buyers and tell them about your   
Best Regards,          
Sales Team          
Federal Marketplace          
ph: (888) 661-4094 x8 - toll free          
fx: (208) 726-5590
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