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Re: CDR gone bad....is there a fsck.iso9660?

At 9:15 PM -0700 9/6/03, Thomas Zimmerman wrote:
>I've got an CDR that has gone bad (no superblock or too many filesystems
>mounted, when I try and mount it). I can always try and get a bit copy
>with dd, but wonder if there is a fsck.iso9660 about that might be able
>to save any files from the cdr. What's most worrying, is this CDR is
>only about 1.5 years old and has lived in a case all this time (there
>arn't _any_ visable scratches on the data serface.)

Not solving your current problems, but there are reportedly severe
differences in longevity depending on the dye (and thus the brand
of CD-R blanks).  I saw a recommendation for Kodak, so I record
backups onto Kodak and also at least one other brand.

"Superblock" is not an ISO9660 term, but the standard does allow
recording multiple copies of any Volume Descriptor.  If you don't
remember whether you did that, you could look at the disk with an
analyzer.  The ISO9660 analyzer I wrote runs on VMS (Alpha or VAX)
but I don't remember what it does in that area (I don't think I had
a sample of a CDROM with a bad block).

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